Trousseau is a slow-fashion brand for women created in 2019. We create colorful and eco-friendly clothes and accessories.

Everything is handmade by the founder,Fanny, and her collaborators in Brussels Belgium.

All of our suppliers offer respectful fabrics, hemmings and threads. They are wether organic or recycled. It is mandatory for us.

We sell bespokeable clothes to enlight your body and meet your every needs lovelies, with fun and body positivity in mind !

Hi there! I am Fanny, proud founder of TROUSSEAU!

If you are here, I’m guessing you want to know a bit more about the brand.
And this is not just a brand, there is a real human, a real face and real hands behind it!

I am a french 90’s kid looking to make a better future for myself and my peers.

After learning how to sew when I was 18 yo, I studied fashion design craftsmanship in France for two years (and graduated), before moving to Brussels to discover
ready-to-wear techniques and specifics. I also graduated with a 
bachelor in Fashion Design, making everything from A to Z during these 3 years.

To me, creating is not just a design that I send to produce overseas, it is
very much a journey, from design to packaging and everything in between. I
was not ready to work for a company whose ethics did not align with mine.

This is why I created TROUSSEAU.

I might be a Millenial, but like a lot of Millenials, I believe in making the
Earth a better place for everyone and I try to take little steps towards that,
including my work.

TROUSSEAU is 100% run by me, and I make the choices, from organic fabrics
to reusing scraps, everything is purposeful and meaningful.

I never really had the «chance» to fit perfectly in clothes that I owned, and
creating my own clothes made me love my body 100%. I used to say that I felt
beautiful, except when I wore clothes. This is not like that anymore.

This is why we offer free bespoke services!

I hope you enjoy everything we do, and you try to do your best for everyone
and everything!