the brand main identity

Trousseau is a slow-fashion brand for women created in 2019. I create colorful and eco-friendly clothes and accessories.

Everything the brand offers is bespoke and handmade by the founder, me, Fanny, and my collaborators in Brussels, Belgium.

I source respectful fabrics, hemmings and threads. Everything we use is either organic or recycled, this is essential for us.  


Hi there! I am Fanny, proud founder of TROUSSEAU!

I am a french 90’s kid looking to make a better future for myself and those around me.

After learning how to sew when 18 yo, I studied craftsmanship in fashion design in France (and graduated after two years). Then I moved to Brussels to discover Ready-to-Wear techniques. I graduated in Fashion Design there and made everything from A to Z while studying.

After my studies, I was not ready to work for a company whose ethics did not align with mine. To me, creating is not just a design I can send to produce overseas. It is my own journey, from design to packaging and everything in between.

This is why I created TROUSSEAU.

I might be seen as a typical Millenial, but I also believe in making the Earth a better place for everyone. I try to take little steps towards that personally and professionally.

TROUSSEAU is 100% run by me, and I make sure that every choice, from organic fabrics to reusing scraps, is purposeful and meaningful.

Well fitting clothes are really important to me. I could never fit perfectly in the clothes I owned so making my own clothes made me fall back in love with my body. I used to say that I felt beautiful, except when I wore clothes. I wanted to change this.

This is why I offer free bespoke services!

I hope to offer you enjoyable and fun clothes and encourage you to do your best everyday !
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