SportMed TV

A branding guideline and logo design for a Webmedia based in Marseille, France

SportMed TV needed a rebrand of their entire visual identity based on a new and improved version of their content. Driven with the ideas of movement, community and sport, they wanted something that feels fresh and modern. As a Web Media, they needed assets for their social media, their streaming platforms and their replays.


✔︎ Logo and variations
✔︎ Submark
✔︎ Business Card Design
✔︎ Typography & Font
✔︎ Print Design
✔︎ Profile Picture
✔︎ Twitter Banner

✔︎ Instagram Highlights
✔︎ Instagram Story Templates
✔︎ Twitch Background
✔︎ Video Assets (Twitch & YT)
✔︎ Youtube Miniatures
✔︎ Podcast Miniatures
✔︎ Website Maquette

SportMed TV logo