Your body is unique.
Your identity is unique.
You are unique.

atelier Trousseau offers a tailor-made service, and yes, offer is the right verb because it is free.

Everyone has encountered this problem of too short jeans or too long top. TROUSSEAU believes in individuality.

Everyone should have clothes that suit them, not clothes that are their “size”.

Whether you are on the look for a special outfit that is made just from what you have in mind; or looking for clothes that fits your body perfectly, you’ve come to the right place!
Do you want a CUSTOM item : you choose the fabric, with the designer advice. You choose the shape of what you want, whether it’s a brand new pattern or one of our own!
Do you want a PERFECTLY FITTED item : you give us your measurements and we will fit the garment you want to YOUR BODY!

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stand tall and relaxed

Full Bust


Place the meter at the highest point of your chest and in the back, at the level of the shoulder blades. Do not overtighten the meter : place one or two fingers in the meter.


CUSTOM - waist

Place the meter at the smallest point of your chest. Do not hold your breath, otherwise the garment will be too small 🙂 If you do not find your waist, look for the hollow between your ribs and your pelvis : it is the waist !


Place the meter at the widest point of your legs. Measure that by placing the meter on the buttocks, not underneath !

Shoulder Width

Straight line measurement from the shoulder bone to the other shoulder bone, nothing could be simpler !

Neck to Waist

From the bottom of the neck (find the collarbone) drop the meter to the waist 🙂

Arm Width

We are looking for the thickest part of the arm. Place the meter around the arm, as shown in the drawing. Do not overtighten the meter, otherwise you will not be able to move !

Leg Length

From the waist, measure down to the ground. Ask someone for help, it’s easier 🙂


if you don't want bespoke 🙂

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